We build affordable, accessible and comfortable prosthetic arms. The Mitt is lightweight and breathable like clothing, and has a range of easily interchangeable tools designed specifically for the activities that you love.


Everything we do is based on user feedback. For the last 3 years, we’ve worked alongside people with limb differences to create the world's first medically approved and truly affordable prosthetic designed by you, the users. At Mitt, we want to make prosthetics accessible to every single person in the world who wants one, at a price people can actually afford.


Head to the             page to secure your place on our waiting list as one of the first to get a Mitt arm when available in your location and size.


You can see the incredible activities and hobbies our friends have been enjoying with their Mitt here:

life with Mitt.

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"There hasn't been anything like this on the market before..."

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"When we saw Mitt we were like "Yes, that's it!"..."


"It's given me the ability to do something I've really enjoyed doing again..."