Need a prosthetic to get through lock-down?

COVID19 hasn’t stopped us making Mitts

We can help

One of the impacts of COVID-19 and new social distancing rules is that many limb centres and prosthetic manufacturers across the world are disrupted. We know that for many people, this is a major blow.  At Mitt, we are receiving a lot of calls from people who are concerned about the closures and keen to find out if there is anything we can offer them in the meantime.

We want to help.

Because a Mitt can be measured, made, and shipped entirely remotely without you needing to leave the house, and because we are able to manufacture in-house without relying on overseas production, we're able to run as usual and continue making Mitts.

So if you have a below elbow limb difference and need something to get by, then we’d love to help you in any way we can. Whether it’s a Mitt sleeve and tool attachments to help you with daily life, or something bespoke for a specific need or hobby, then let’s chat. 

Everyone's situation is different, but if we can help make life a little easier or more enjoyable right now, then we’d like to try.


To see the COVID-19 packages please visit 


The Mitt Sleeve

Read more about our Mitt sleeve and range of tools. 

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