LiMITTless Smiles

10 more children living life with a smile 

LiMITTless Smiles Project

Adam, the founder of Limbbo Foundation, is such an amazing person aiming to help families of children with limb difference the necessary tools and information to make children smile. He has created these resources from scratch and even developed some useful tools to make life easier.

So it was with great pleasure that we could provide Tommy with a sample Mitt to try out for size. The trial was such a success that Adam has committed Limbbo Foundation funds to supply 5 children with Mitt's for FREE. Mitt have matched his donation meaning a total of 10 children living with limb difference with a smile.

This is another big step towards the major goal of providing every child in the UK free access to Mitt prosthesis.

Learn more about the Limbbo Foundation

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Adam and his team set up Limbbo foundation with the sole purpose of helping limb difference children and their families.


Limbbo want to create smiles on the faces of kids who despite being unbelievably brave haven't had the easiest start in life and to reassure parents that they are not alone. provide resources, support and practical advice to families in a fun, engaging manner. 

Limbbo Foundation are particularly renowned for building charitable, working Assistive Devices for children who need them (with thanks to Team Unlimbited), teaching others how to 3D print at home, and working towards developing new prototypes with universities that will aid limb different children in day to day life.

How to join the programme

To join the "LiMITTless Smiles" programme you have to be a Limbbo Foundation community member (which is also FREE ;). 

Once a member, Limbbo Foundation will announce new applications to the programme once donor funding has been made available. At this early stage of the programme we are unsure of how many application announcements will be made annually, but we will also update this page with upcoming application dates. Next date:

  • 30th March 2020 - applications full


To join the free Limbbo Foundation community, please visit Limbbo website

Once you have registered your interest we will:

  • Send your name to the charity you are registered with to confirm you / your child is a member

  • We will then select the first recipients

  • Once selected, we will send out an information pack via email

  • If you are happy with the information in the pack, confirm that you would like to be on the programme via email

  • We will then assign you a Mitt Mate who will look after you throughout the process

This is an exciting programme and the number of spaces are limited but growing. If you would like to register for the programme and perhaps be in the next cohort then simply register your interest here.

What to expect during the programme

All of the children on the programme will receive:


  • 2 x Mitt sleeves (1 x Mitt at the start and another requested at a later date) 

  • 2 x tools 

  • the ability to swap Mitt sizes at any time,

  • the ability to swap Mitt tools at any time form our tool library

  • exclusive access to the Mitt wearers Facebook Community to swap and share hints / tips about best use of Mitts.

This programme will last 12 months from a given start date upon joining the programme.

Do you want to register your interest in the programme? Please click the link below:

Hear what our wearer's say:

alex lewis.jpg


"There hasn't been anything like this on the market before..."

Prosthetic Arm .jpg


"When we saw Mitt we were like "Yes, that's it!"..."


"It's given me the ability to do something I've really enjoyed doing again..."

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