LiMITTless Reach

50 more children living life without limits 

LiMITTless Reach Project

Wouldn't it be glorious if we could provide every child in the UK free access to a Mitt prosthetic?

That was our conversation back in January 2020 with Reach, the foremost UK charity supporting children with upper limb differences to live life without limits.

A few months later we are excited to announce the launch of the "LiMITTless Reach" Project. With the help of some generous donors, Reach and Mitt are committed to giving 50 children access to Mitt prosthesis by the end of May. This is our first step towards the major goal of providing every child in the UK free access to Mitt prosthesis.

Learn more about Reach

Reach is the only membership charity in the UK and Ireland supporting children with upper limb differences. 

Reach provides a friendly, caring place for incredible children and their incredible families, we give support, resources and practical advice to families to inspire, build confidence in a fun, engaging manner.

Connecting families is a vital part of Reach’s work and the bonds this creates is priceless, whether it’s at Reach's family weekends, branch events and meet ups or on our closed Facebook page and other social platforms.

Reach helps members to build relationships that last a lifetime.

How to join the programme

To join the "LiMITTless Reach" programme you have to be a Reach member. 

Of the 50 children Reach is supporting, 25 have been preselected from members who volunteered as BETA triallists for Mitt. There area further 25 spaces available to register for.

Once you register as a member, Reach will announce new applications to the programme as donor funding is sourced. At this early stage of the programme we are unsure of how many application announcements will be made annually, but we will update this page with upcoming application dates. Next date:

The Mitt is currently unsuitable for those aged under 3 years old. We are working hard to resolve this with a new design coming soon. Please feel free to register your interest and we will be in contact as soon as this new design is made available.


To become a member of Reach, please visit Reach website

Once you have registered your interest we will:

  • Send your name to the charity you are registered with to confirm you / your child is a member

  • The first recipients will be randomly selected by an independent source

  • Once selected, we will send out an information pack via email

  • If you are happy with the information in the pack, confirm that you would like to be on the programme via email

  • We will then assign you a Mitt Mate who will look after you throughout the process

This is an exciting programme and the number of spaces are limited but growing. If you would like to register for the programme and perhaps be in the next cohort then simply register your interest here.

What to expect during the programme

All of the children on the programme will receive:


  • 2 x Mitt Sleeves

  • 2 x Tools

  • The ability to swap sleeves at any time

  • The ability to swap tools at any time

  • Access to our exclusive user Facebook group

  • Access to our tool user guides / videos

This programme will last 12 months from a given start date upon joining the programme.

We would hope that each parent would help us publicise the benefits of the programme by sending us images of children using Mitts. We and Reach would like to use these on public forums i.e. social media platforms, but it is optional and not a prerequisite of joining the programme. The more images the more likely future donors will contribute to the programme, the more free Mitts can be given to children with upper limb differences. All images and data will be shared with Reach.

Want to register for the programme? Please click the below link:

Hear what our wearer's say:

alex lewis.jpg


"There hasn't been anything like this on the market before..."

Prosthetic Arm .jpg


"When we saw Mitt we were like "Yes, that's it!"..."


"It's given me the ability to do something I've really enjoyed doing again..."

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