Mitt Christmas Craft Day

To celebrate Christmas and deliveries of our Mitt Trial Packs we organised a fun day packed full of awesome arts & crafts and baking!

Mitt Trial

We gave three of our littlest Mitts out to Hero, Oakley and Marla on Sunday 1st December at our Christmas Craft Day. Hero tried on her new Mitt and Marla and Oakley tried a Mitt for the first time. They all enjoyed writing and painting with their rotating tool, trying out some table tennis with the racket tool and using the rolling pin tool (made specially for the craft day!) to make some Christmas cookies.

The rolling pin tool was perfect for rolling out the dough and icing to make loads of festive (and purple) biscuits.

Mitt Christmas Crafts

We had a range of craft activities available to try out with Mitt including decorating Christmas cards and decorating stockings with A LOT of glitter and pompoms. The rotating tool worked really well for these projects because the pens and paintbrushes could be swapped easily. Hero even used her gripper tool to hold some card while she cut some shapes out!

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