Mitt Tools

Here you can see all of our current tools, some are more specific to certain tasks and others are more general to help you with a range of activities.

Rotating tool

The rotating tool is a universal tool for various objects with an adjustable angle. The main things it has been used for is to hold a pen, a paintbrush, a knife, fork or spoon. But this tool can also be used to help with cooking or baking since it can be used to hold a wooden spoon or a whisk.

Gripper tool

The gripper tool is a tool used for general gripping of items. This includes water bottles, mugs, glasses, fruit and veg etc. Janet, one of our users, even used it to help her guide a hoover when clearing up!

Knife tool

A tool which holds a serrated cooking knife.

Racket tool

A tool which holds various sports rackets and similar equipment.

Lego tool

A tool which allows lego to be built onto it. 

Guitar pick tool

A tool for holding a guitar pick, with various angle options. 

Typing tool

A generic typing tool resembling a single 'finger'.

Drumstick holder

A tool which holds a drumstick. 

Musical bow tool

A tool which holds a bow for instruments such as cello and violin with an adjustable angle. 

Garden tool

A tool which hold garden tools such as shovels. 

Saw holder

A tool which holds a small saw. 

Skipping rope tool

A tool which holds a skipping rope. 


A tool for holding bags or similar items with handles. 

Nail holder

A tool to holds nails stable when hammering them into a surface. 

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