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    • Rotating Tool - A universal tool for various objects with an adjustable angle (pen included).
    • Gripper Tool - A tool used for general gripping of items (bottle not included). 
    • Knife Tool - A tool which holds a serrated cooking knife (knife included).
    • Racket Tool - A tool which holds various sports rackets and similar equipment (racket not included).
    • Guitar Pick Tool - A tool for holding a guitar pick, with various angle options (guitar pick included).
    • Typing Tool - A generic typing tool resembling a single 'finger'.
    • Drumstick Holder - A tool which holds a drumstick (drumstick not included).
    • Musical Bow Tool - A tool which holds a bow for instruments such as cello and violin with an adjustable angle (cello bow included).
    • Garden Tool - A tool which holds garden tools such as a shovel (shovel included).
    • Saw Holder - A tool which holds a small saw (saw included).
    • Skipping Rope Tool - A tool which holds a skipping rope (skipping rope included).
    • Hook - A tool for holding bags or similar items with handles (tote bag included). 
    • Nail Holder - A tool to hold nails stable when hammering them into a surface (nail not included). 
    • Lego Tool - A tool which allows lego to be built onto it. 

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