project LiMITTless

We are on a mission...

  • A mission to provide every child in the UK access to a Mitt. 

  • A mission to give every child the ability to partake in whatever hobby they want

  • A mission to have a prosthesis so comfortable they forget that they're wearing it

  • A mission to have a prosthesis so customisable and fun that they want to show it off to their friends.

We are calling this mission - Project LiMITTless.

LiMITTless use, LiMITTless comfort, LiMITTless potential

What is project LiMITTless?

Project LiMITTless is an ongoing project aiming to give all children with below elbow limb loss access to a Mitt.

A bold ambition, but one that we are trying very hard to accomplish with the help of some fantastic charities, and some amazing donors.

Two of our partner charities Reach and Limbbo Foundation have already secured Mitts for 60 children in the UK. 


Each recipient on both the Reach and Limbbo Foundation programmes will receive:

  • 2 x Mitt Sleeves

  • 2 x Tools

  • The ability to swap sleeves at any time

  • The ability to swap tools at any time

  • Access to our exclusive user Facebook group

  • Access to our tool user guides / videos

Learn more about charities involved so far

We have been so lucky to have two charities helping us expand project liMITTless around the UK. If you would like to read more about the charity specific projects, please click on the links below.

FW 8.jpg

LiMITTless Reach

50 more children living life without limits

LiMITTless LimbBo

10 more children with limb difference living with a smile


We do not have any current spaces for ambassadors at the moment

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