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Mitt stories.

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"There hasn't been anything like this on the market before..."

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"When we saw Mitt we were like "Yes, that's it!"..."


"It's given me the ability to do something I've really enjoyed doing again..."


Is Mitt only for below-elbow limb loss?

Unfortunately, this first design is. BUT. We are expanding our design to all other levels of limb loss, now is the perfect time to get in touch and help us with design input suggestions.

I've recently lost a limb, can I sign up?

Your safety is paramount to us. And we recommend that if you are still receiving medical care for your limb, that you wait until you are fully healed before receiving your first Mitt. 

My child is only _____ years old, can we try a Mitt?

We’ve actually had littl’uns as young as 2 try a Mitt. It's non-invasive and super light, so (and its totally up to you) but if you’d like to try it out it’s well worth a go.

I have a partial hand injury, can I use Mitt?

This Mitt is mainly designed for limb loss above the wrist. But that being said, we’ve had a number of folks try Mitt who still have part of their hand, so if you’d like to give it a go too we’d love your feedback!

Is Mitt available in my country (outside of UK)?

It will be soon! Exact timeline still to be announced but we ship through the post so it’ll be available all over when the time comes. If you’d like to keep updated personally with an arm in your size, fill out our sizing form and we’ll keep you informed.

How much does Mitt cost?

Exact price still to be announced so watch this space! But rest assured our arms will be affordable, more like the price of a pair of shoes instead of the price of a car.

Do you have electronic hands?

We build whatever you guys tell us is important! So far that has been simple functional attachments for specific tasks of work and play that can actually be used without needing electronics. But we have ongoing development, so any suggestions please send us a message and let us know!

Are you available through the NHS?

We’re supported really well by clinicians both at home and overseas, and they really help guide our development decisions. At the moment the NHS don’t stock Mitts, but that makes it easy – you can come directly to us! What we would say however is Mitt is not meant to replace or go against anything that your limb fitting clinic recommends.

Do you have an arm that does _______?

Our current list of tools is:


  1. Rotating ToolA universal tool for various objects with an adjustable angle. 

  2. Gripper Tool A tool used for general gripping of items. 

  3. Knife ToolA tool which holds a serrated cooking knife.  

  4. Racket ToolA tool which holds various sports rackets and similar equipment

  5. Guitar Pick ToolA tool for holding a guitar pick, with various angle options. 

  6. Typing ToolA generic typing tool resembling a single 'finger'.

  7. Drumstick HolderA tool which holds a drumstick. 

  8. Musical Bow ToolA tool which holds a bow for instruments such as cello and violin with an adjustable angle. 

  9. Garden Tool A tool which hold garden tools such as shovels. 

  10. Saw HolderA tool which holds a small saw. 

  11. Lego Tool A tool which allows lego to be built onto it. 

  12. Skipping Rope Tool A tool which holds a skipping rope. 

  13. HookA tool for holding bags or similar items with handles. 

  14. Nail HolderA tool to holds nails stable when hammering them into a surface.

But we are constantly growing this range! So if you have any ideas/requests fire an email over to Hi@WearMitt.com!

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